The 4 Best Weather Stations with Lightning Detectors

This article will help you understand all about weather stations that come with lightning detectors You’ll learn what to look for when buying one.

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Don’t worry if some terms sound too technical or the science seems too complicated – we’ll explain everything in a way that’s easy to understand. This way, everyone can join in on the fun of being a weather enthusiast.

What we are going to look at are weather stations with lightning detectors with the lightning information displayed on the indoor display or smartphone.

All of these weather stations give you the option of connecting with Weather Underground and the manufacturer’s weather network.

So, let’s jump right in and discover the exciting world of lightning detectors together.

There are 3 types of weather stations with lightning detectors:

  1. Lightning detection built-in
  2. Lightning detectors are a separate device
  3. Lightning detections as a separate device optional accessory

The Weatherflow Tempest and Acurite weather stations have Built-In detectors

Bundled lightning detectors from Accurite and Ambient Weather

Weather station from Ambient Weather with lightning detector optional accessory

The Ambient Weather WS-2000 purchased along with the WH31L lightning detector makes for a great home weather station!

Weather Stations with Lightning Detectors Built-In

The Weatherflow Tempest is a state-of-the-art device powered by sunlight that uses smart computer programs to measure lightning very accurately. It’s simple to set up, but remember that where you put your weather station can affect how well it works. The Tempest is also Smart Home capable.

For more information on the Weatherflow Tempest, see my review.

The Acurite Atlas is a high-quality traditional weather station that can be bought with or without lightning detection. Here is my review of the Accurite Atlas.

The Atlas and Tempest can detect lightning strikes from up to 25 miles away. However, like all lightning detectors, it might sometimes give wrong readings or false alarms during storms.

Both stations allow you to check the weather from your phone or computer no matter where you are. They also provide live updates on temperature, rainfall, and air pressure.

Lightning Detectors Bundled with Accurite’s and Ambient Weather’s Weather Stations

Acurite offers some incredible packages that provide detailed information about over 50 different weather conditions. These packages can even help you track incoming storms and count the number of lightning strikes within a 25-mile radius.

Ambient Weather has bundled a lightning detector and protective shield with their top model, the WS-5000. What sets the WS-5000 apart is the ultrasonic anemometer and the overall quality.

See my review of the Ambient Weather WS-5000. This is my personal weather station right now and I’m very happy with it.

The Accurite Iris bundle is well-known for its precise detection and durability. It provides a lot of weather data, including lightning data analysis, making it an excellent tool for those who love tracking the weather. It also comes with thorough troubleshooting information, which makes maintenance a breeze.

More Accurite models that have lightning detectors bundled:

Accurite model 01532M   (Light display + internet ready)

Accurite model 01022M   (Cannot  connect to the internet) 

Accurite model 01024M   (Cannot  connect to the internet) 

Another great product from Acurite is their Lightning Detector itself. It’s compatible with several other Acurite models, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup if you already own a compatible model. There might be occasional false alarms, as with all lightning detectors, and it might use up batteries faster than some other models, but these minor issues are outweighed by its strong wireless signal strength.

Ambient Weather’s lightning detector is also available separately. If you own a WS-2000 or WS-5000 all you need is to buy the lightning detector and all set. 

Ambient Weather has Lightning Detector Accessories

You’ll love the TFT LCD indoor display of these two weather stations!

The Ambient Weather WS-2000 and WS-5000 are great options. These can be upgraded with lightning detectors that will show up on the indoor monitor. Ambient’s WS-5000 also comes bundled with a lightning detector. They call it their Storm Package.

Setting up through the display on these stations might take a bit of time, but it’s definitely worth it. Once they’re up and running, they can send data straight to your computer or phone. This makes it easy for you to analyze the weather in depth.

People really like the WS-2000 because it uses the extremely popular WS-2902 outdoor weather sensor paired with the top-of-the-line indoor display of the WS-5000.

If you already own a WS-2902 you can add the upgraded display and you’ll have the WS-2000. Just add the lightning detector and you’re off.

Things to Consider Before your Weather Station purchase

Before you buy your new weather station with lightning detection, there are some important things to think about. First off, decide what other features are important to you; display quality, weather data accuracy, ease of set-up, price, or?

  • The Weatherflow Tempest is the most modern with NO moving parts
  • The Ambient Weather WS-5000 is right behind the Tempest with a sonic anemometer and traditional rain gauge.
  • The Accurite Atlas is their top-of-the-line weather station.
  • The Accurite Iris line has many different displays to choose from.

Think about the installation process. Some weather stations are easier to set up than others. The weather stations I suggested are all pretty easy to install. If you are not too keen on DIY projects, you probably know someone who is.

Lastly, remember that your weather station will need regular maintenance to keep it working well. But don’t worry – if you buy a high-quality weather station, it’s an investment that will pay off by keeping you safe and comfortable. So take all these factors into account before making your final decision.

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