Compare Thermopro Indoor Outdoor Thermometers TP65/ TP63/ TP60 – Extremely popular!

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Almost as soon as you start searching online for thermometers you’ll run into the ThermoPro brand. ThermoPro is among the top, if not the actual top, best selling indoor and outdoor thermometer brand on Amazon.

The next thing you may notice is that the ThermoPro listings are a bit scattered making direct comparisons awkward.

So, I’ve made the comparisons easier by listing the best ThermoPro indoor/outdoor thermometers all in one place.

Compare Thermopro indoor outdoor thermometers:

ThermoPro Model —->ThermoPro TP65ThermoPro TP63ThermoPro TP60
Indoor Display with
Wireless Outdoor Sensor
Screen Size H x W4,3″ x 3.3″3.3″ x 2.6″3.1″ x 2.6″
Touch Screen ControlYESNONO
Rechargeable SensorNOYESNO
Max Transmit Range200 Feet200 Feet200 Feet
Temperature & Humidity
-40F to 158F
10% to 99%
-40F to 158F
10% to 99%
-40F to 158F
10% to 99%
Current and 24Hour DataYESYESYES
Warranty1 Year or 3 Years
W/ Registration
1 Year or 3 Years
W/ Registration
1 Year or 3 Years
W/ Registration

Compare Thermopro Models

Here are three Thermopro temperature/ humidity displays with wireless remote sensors.

1 – ThermoPro TP65This model has an extra large touchscreen display for easy reading and adjusting.

2 – ThermoPro TP63The TP63 is the most popular model. Includes rechargeable batteries and charger.

3 – ThermoPro TP60This model is the lowest price of the three and is the 2nd most popular.

And when I say popular I mean crazy popular. ThermoPro has sold countless thousands of these models and receives overwhelmingly high ratings from their customers.

What the TP65, TP63, and TP60 have in common:

Each of these indoor/ outdoor thermometers can monitor up to three remote sensors. While each of the models ships with 1 wireless remote sensor, additional ones, if desired, can be purchased.

It should be noted right away that the remote sensors for the TP65 and TP60 are the same, while the wireless sensor for the TP63 is different as it is rechargeable.

The additional remote sensors can, of course, be placed in any location, inside or out, wherever it is important for you to know the conditions.

All of the models have a maximum 200-foot radius that the display (receiver) and remote sensor (transmitter) must be inside of.

Each model allows you to see the daily Hi/Lo and all-time Hi/Lo of the temperature and humidity.

All have highly accurate sensors manufactured by an experienced OEM company; iTronics, owner of the ThermoPro brand.

When you register your product with ThermoPro, they will give you a 3 year extended warranty.

ThermoPro TP65

Thermopro TP65 Features and Benefits

  • 4 inch LCD touchscreen display, very easy to read. The screen is 4.3 inches tall and 3.3 inches wide.
  • Adjusted with the touch screen, no need to push buttons.
  • Blue back-light with large digits for maximum visibility.
  • Light turns off automatically after 15 seconds.
  • Up to 3 remote sensors, can be placed inside or out.
  • Temperature and humidity trends shown graphically.
  • Wall, Tabletop or Magnetic mount for installation choices.
  • All time & 24 hour high/ low temp and humidity figures.
  • Reset and view with the touchscreen display.
  •  Display and outdoor sensor must be within 200′ of each other.
  • Uses 2 X AAA 1.5V for the display and 2 X AAA 1.5V for remote sensor.

For more information about the TP65 click here.

See how easy it is to set up the TP65 in this video:


  • Outdoor and indoor sensors must be kept out of direct sunlight to give accurate readings. Almost all indoor/outdoor thermometers have the same requirement. 
  • The display is not as flashy as some, but, as the display is the most expensive part, if you want more you’ll have to pay for it.

Additional Sensors:

Do you want to add a remote sensor or two? This is the one you want.

ThermoPro TP-65 Package Contents:

  • 1 large indoor display
  • 1 waterproof wireless remote sensor
  • A users manual
  • 4 AAA batteries (suggestion: Always buy fresh lithium batteries)
  • 1-year warranty, send in the registration card and get 3 more years on the warranty

Thermopro TP63

ThermoPro TP63 Features and Benefits:

1. Displays indoor and outdoor temperature humidity
2. Three channel 433 MHz transmission frequency up to 200 feet away.
3. Touchable back-light display for easy viewing at night.
4. Trend arrows help you to with planning and awareness.
5. Displays all-time/24 hours Max & Min humidity and temperature records; choose Celsius or Fahrenheit.
6. Outdoor sensor batteries can be expected to last about a year per charge
7. Weather-proof outdoor sensor for use anywhere. (out of direct sun, of course)
8. Sync up to 3 wireless remote sensors to monitor different locations. (The 2 additional sensors are extra)

A big advantage of the ThermoPro TP63 is that the remote sensor batteries are rechargeable.

See more about the TP63 on Amazon here.

With the Thermopro TP63, the indoor display screen size is smaller than the TP65. To be exact, it is 2.7″ X 3.2″ X .9″, plenty big enough for most people.

On the TP63 the display back-light color is orange for contrast.

This model also allows for up to 3 wireless remote sensors for a total of 4 sensors counting the display. 


  • As with most weather station temperature sensors, the sun will heat things up and give you false readings. Gotta put it in the shade!
  • The additional sensors are more expensive than the ones for the TP65 and TP60 because the sensors are rechargeable.
  • If you mount to your refrigerator with the magnets, sometimes the signal from the remote is lost.

 These are the additional remote sensors that the TP63 uses.

Contents Include:
1 Display / (Receiver)
1 Outdoor Sensor / (Transmitter)
2 AAA Batteries for the Display
1 Charging Cable
1 Charger
1 User Manual

Thermopro TP60

ThermoPro TP60 Features and Benefits:

• A bright easy to read LCD screen displays the current indoor-outdoor temperature and humidity measurements.

• Very affordable

• With a temperature and humidity percentages trend arrow and daily Minimum and maximum information.

• The display can stand upright on a tabletop use or hang on a nail or screw on a wall.

• Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity.

• You can easily reset the temperature and humidity Hi/Lo to start over.

Is this the right indoor/outdoor thermometer for you? Buy one right here. 


No back-light, so great for desktop or counter-top use, maybe not so good for a dark bedroom.

No magnetic mount. Maybe just as well due to occasional problems with mounting on signal-blocking metal.

Thermopro TP60 digital indoor outdoor hygrometer’Size 
Display unit (Receiver):2.6″(Length) x 3.1″(Height) x 1″ (Width)
Remote wireless sensor (Transmitter):2.4″(Length) x 2.5″(Height) x 0.78″ (Width)

Need more sensors? Here ya go.

 Contents Included: 
1 Indoor display unit (Receiver).
1 Wireless remote sensor (Transmitter).
4 AAA size batteries (included).
1 screwdriver (included for accessing batteries).

To Wrap it Up:

When you see what you get for your money, it’s no wonder these indoor/outdoor thermometers from ThermoPro are so popular.

All of these indoor-outdoor thermometers are small enough to be brought with you on the road, backpacking, or tent camping.

ThermoPro is made by an industrial supplier of temperature and humidity equipment for many other brands.

Buying straight from the manufacturer saves you money.

From the functionality of the TP65 to the simplicity of the TP60, you’re bound to find something to like!

Just Wondering…

…Can you buy more than one and sync them together for display readouts in different rooms? hmmmm….

As always,



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