Weather Underground Forecast Accuracy – Good or Bad?

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Everybody wants the best local weather forecast.

Get your local weather by the hour…

…or even better, like every 5 minutes!

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Weather Underground forecast accuracy

Your participation helps the Weather Underground forecast accuracy

  1. Weather Underground (WU) has the largest weather station network in the world. Over 250,000 people send their weather data to them
  2. By using your data and the data sent in by the people around you, WU can get a very accurate view of how the weather works in your area.
  3. With all of this information, WU can get a pretty good idea of what weather you can expect in the future. Better than the NWS actually.

This new forecasting ability is called BestForecast.

This works because people like us share our weather data with Weather Underground.

BestForecast is hands down the best local forecast you can get.

Join Weather Underground

Here’s how to do it; when you set up your new home weather station go ahead and sign up with Weather Underground. They are sometimes known as Wunderground or simply WU.

Using your weather station software, click on  “Join Weather Underground”. This will take you to their home page where you create an account. For Free!

From there they give you a map and you drag a marker to your weather station location. Then fill in the brand of your weather equipment and what kind of surface it’s installed on. Congratulations, you did it!

With Ambient Weather, a partner of Weather Underground, getting linked up with WU has never been easier.

Why is BestForecast better than The National Weather Service?

  • WU updates their forecast data every 15 minutes instead of every 4 hours
  • WU produces a new forecast every hour, not every 3 hours.
  • WU watches the quality of the PWS data. If some data is clearly wrong, it’s not used.
  • WU calculates a 14-day local weather forecast and can send out an accurate 10-day weather forecast. Not just 7 days.
  • WU uses radar and satellites to determine cloud cover. Not a report from some airport.
  • WU is available worldwide and in dozens of languages. Not just English.
PWS personal weather station

Getting the Best 10 Day  Forecast is Easy!

Look at what some farmers are doing…

…they have formed a private weather station network that provides rapid and very local weather forecasts. They call it A Weatherman for Every Acre Take a look around you, a local weather station network may have sprung up in your neighborhood!

Look how far a professional meteorologist will go for data:

Not finding official weather stations close enough to provide accurate forecasts, he approached the weather underground community. Click here for his story.

Here is what one company is doing…

Your home weather station is very important for accurate forecasts! The most difficult metric to determine for some weather station locations is the altitude and barometric pressure. Barometric pressure declines with altitude and, to make barometers around the world comparable, they are calibrated to the average global pressure at sea level.

One interesting development is Acurite’s patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting which finds your average atmospheric pressure over a period of 33 days and from there can determine your altitude above sea level with accuracy.

Here is my page on weather station accuracy.

So now you know about Weather Underground forecast accuracy and the part we play.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Did I mention you can see all of this weather information on your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world? Your weather data is stored and you can look at previous days, or weeks, or even years and compare your current conditions with your historical data.


Thanks for stopping by, now go enjoy the weather!


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