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New Home Weather Stations From Acurite

The Acurite 01012m and model 01013m are a couple of new home weather stations introduced by Acurite in 2018. See the Acurite 01012m on Amazon

So, let’s take a look at both of these two new weather station models as they are almost the same.

Basically, you’ll find that the two models are the same except for the indoor color display. Model 01012m has the popular full-color display while the model 01013m has an inverted or reversed color scheme that you might prefer. You can see the Acurite 01013m with the ‘Dark Theme’ on Amazon

Note: If you arrived here looking for the Acurite 01075rm, this is the closest match from Acurite.

With the exception of the new internet connection device, the Access, this weather station setup has represented the backbone of the Acurite line of internet-enabled systems for a long time.

With the addition of the Access data receiver, you can add more sensors around your property. That’s why Acurite calls it an Environmental Monitoring system. The Acurite Access is also compatible with Alexa.

What is included with the Acurite 01012m and 01013m weather stations?

  • An outdoor 5 sensors in one integrated weather system, this is the easy to install, the bulletproof sensor that is used across the Acurite product line.
  • Color indoor display, with a black readout on a color background with the 01012 model, and a color readout on a black background for the 01013.
  • Access, the new device for connecting to the internet. The Access receives the wireless signal from the sensors and uploads through your router.
  • Instruction booklet and registration card.. Note: send in your registration quickly, could save your day.

A Closer Look at the 01012m and 01013m

These two models are both wireless with a 5 in 1 outdoor sensor, and indoor display / sensors, and have Acurite’s newly introduced internet bridge they call Access.

The Access allows for remote weather monitoring from your smartphone using Acurite’s free app called MyAcurite.

The Acurite 01012m 5 in 1 outdoor sensor array

This is the flagship outdoor sensor unit that Acurite uses across almost all of their home weather station models.

The outdoor sensor array features the ‘big 5’ of the weather station world (you actually get 6 if you count the indoor barometer): 

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Wind speed
  4. Wind direction
  5. Rainfall
  6. The barometric pressure (from the indoor display)

See more about the Acurite 01012m with the color display on Amazon

Benefits & Features of the outdoor 5 in 1 sensor

Easy to install

Just place it on top of a pole or pipe, aim the solar panels south, snug it up, and you’re done.  

Solar powered fan

You may notice that the sensor has two solar panels. These panels do not charge the batteries as you might have thought, but instead, run a fan that blows over the thermometer. In weather station speak it’s called a FARS, or Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield.

This is a very good feature.

The FARS gives you a much more accurate temperature reading. While the thermometer is protected from direct Sun exposure by a solar radiation shield, sometimes it is not quite enough. With the fan and the solar radiation shield together you have a pretty accurate temperature reading.  Check out more about the Acurite 01013 here on Amazon

Self-emptying rain sensor

This is not the kind of rain sensor you may have seen with the rain filling up a calibrated jar. Acurite uses a ‘tipping spoon’ see-saw type of sensor that empties automatically.

Easy to maintain

The battery life seems to be longer than most of their competitors. This may be because Acurite uses 4AA batteries instead of 2AA batteries that other brands have.

Acurite offers an optional remote battery extension which lets you bring the sensors batteries close to the ground, making them very easy to change.

Operates well anywhere

Many other weather stations need a certain amount of sun every day for charging the batteries or charging up a super-capacitor. Being fully battery powered, the Acurite sensor works well at high latitudes and keeps working through long periods of cloudy weather.

The Acurite 01012m & 01013m indoor color displays

The displays are 8.2-inches Height x 6.7-inches Width x 2.7-inches Depth and can be set on a table or mounted on a wall. They are both LCD type displays which are sometimes difficult to read at an angle. Patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting which automatically determines your elevation thus your proper barometric pressure. This takes from 14 to 30 days. See more info and photos of the Acurite 01013m here

Acurite Access

Acurite weather station models that previously used the Smarthub to connect to the internet now use the Access. Along with the Access, these weather stations also got all new model numbers. Do you use Alexa? If so, you’re in luck; with the access connected, you can ask Alexa questions about your weather.

Acurite Access Improvements

Improvements introduced with the Access are a battery backup so your weather data is saved during power outages of up to 12 hours and will be uploaded when power is restored.

Using newer technology, the access has 10X greater data throughput than the smarthub. According to Acurite, the access is now compatible with 1GB switches and the Apple routers. You can read more about the Access here

Acurite Access issues

There is a big downside for some people, the access can only handle 7 sensors in total, while the old smarthub could handle 10. The solution is to add another access. Yeah right…

Anyway, we’ll see how this plays out with the Acurite fans.

Acurite stopped supporting the smarthub in favor of access. This caught many owners of the older units by surprise, thereby creating some bad feelings.

What is good

  • Tried and true weather station
  • Easy to set-up and install
  • Great battery extension accessory
  • A very large community of owners if you need help
  • Acurite is a Weather Underground partner

What is not so good

  • It’s an all in one unit which is a compromise.
  • Access is still new and needs proving in real- life use.
  • The customer support is slow because of the new product questions.

Customer response

Acurite has so many models that are almost identical so they don’t distinguish between them in the customer reviews. Significantly different models are treated separately.

With that said,  the basic ‘sensor + display + internet bridge’ has been a huge success. It has made Acurite the #1 weather station brand in North America.

The vast majority of the people are very happy with their weather station purchase.

When you read the customer comments, it’s clear that the owners of the old smartub internet bridge are not happy with the sudden change. Brand new Acurite owners are much happier, however.

Wrap up

With the Acurite 01012m and 01013m, you get the tried and true 5 in 1 outdoor sensor and the color indoor display of your choice. The Acurite Access, however, is very new and seems to work fine for most people. See additional photos and info on the Acurite 01012m here

I think you’ll be very happy with either the Acurite 01012 or the Acurite 01013.

Enjoy and thanks!


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