19 Best Inexpensive Weather Stations

There are quite a few inexpensive weather station options on Amazon. But be careful as there is some junk around.

Weather stations can be made more affordable by using cheaper materials or by offering fewer features. Let’s look at weather stations from reputable weather station companies that are inexpensive but not cheap junk.

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The price of a weather station is determined by the number and quality of the weather sensors, the method of transmitting the data to the indoor display, and the type and size of the display. Features like internet connectivity, smart-home capability, and less common sensors will add to the price.

No matter which model you choose, you’re bound to have fun in the weather station hobby! So let’s jump in and find the weather station that will serve you the best.

Keep in mind that an inexpensive weather station in dollar terms is not the same as weather stations that give the most bang for your buck. A discounted full-featured weather station is hard to beat. These weather stations are great for teaching kids about the weather!

No matter what weather station you settle on, you may want to check out the current deals on Amazon here. Did you find a lower price?

What to Look for in an Inexpensive Weather Station

The most common inexpensive weather stations include a thermometer and a humidity sensor; together, they are called a thermo-hygrometer. One step up is a barometer which gives your weather station a forecasting feature. Next would be all of the previous features plus a rain gauge. The next step up is where the inexpensive weather stations are harder to find, and that is with wind sensors.

When you add moving parts like an anemometer and wind vane, the price goes up fast. Weather stations with a wind speed sensor (anemometer), but without a wind vane are available. This may be a good option if you live in a condo or apartment.

Another way money can be saved is by buying a weather station with a black and white display instead of the pricier color indoor displays. Some internet-connected weather stations have the option of doing away with the indoor display and using a phone app to see your weather information.

Directly wired outdoor sensors are usually less expensive than wireless models. Still, I usually advise avoiding the wired weather station to reduce the chance of a lightning strike getting into your house.

How to Find a Deal

Prices on Amazon seem to go up and down from day to day for some reason, so if you see something you like, but the price is too high, check a few days later; it may be cheaper or more expensive!

Another way you might be able to get a discount on a weather station is to check out Amazon’s warehouse deals. This selection is always changing, so keep looking!

So let’s take a look at what is out there from the leading weather station companies that you may find acceptable as an inexpensive weather station. Only weather stations with high customer satisfaction will be looked at; if other people had issues with a weather station, you should probably listen. Buying junk gets expensive!

Here’s my page on why you should buy a weather station.

Compare Inexpensive Weather Stations on Amazon

The listed as all-of-the-above
plus a feature
Color Display Marked with (*)
Temp/Humidity Only
ThermoPro TP63B
Acurite 782a2
Ambient Weather WS-05
La Crosse 308-1409WT-CBP
La Crosse 308-66677-INT*
With Barometer/
ThermoPro TP67A
AcuRite 01124M*
AcuRite 01123M*
AcuRite 02081M*
Ambient Weather WS-110
Ambient Weather WS-2801A*
La Crosse S88907*
La Crosse C85845-1*
With Wind SpeedAcuRite 00634A3
La Crosse 327-1414BW
With Wind DirectionLa Crosse S81120*
With Rainfall &
Wind Direction
Acurite 01536*
Ambient Weather WS-12
Ambient Weather 2902*
See some other low priced weather stationsLogia has fairly priced weather stations
Sainlogic also has affordable models

See my page on the best thermometer & rain gauge combo weather stations.

Thermopro Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers

Thermopro specializes in indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity devices. If temperature and humidity is your primary interest, you should definitely check out the Thermopro products.

Here is an inexpensive indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor that gives you the option of adding up to two more sensors. The display has large black numbers on an orange background.

A step up is this indoor/outdoor thermometer and humidity sensor that also includes a barometer. With the barometer, this model will give you a short-term weather forecast. You can add two more sensors if you want. This model also has large black numbers on an orange background. The display is bigger, so it can easily show additional information.

Low-Priced Weather Stations from Acurite

Here is a basic wireless indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor with a black and white indoor display from Amazon. Simple and quite inexpensive.

A very popular weather station from Acurite is this one with indoor/outdoor temp and forecasting, all seen on a color display. A very similar station from Acurite is this model.

OK, the price is starting to go up, but this weather station with its large easy to read color display is a big seller. Also featured is an atomic clock and calendar.

For greatly improved accuracy and flexibility of thermometer placement, a solar radiation shield should be used.

An affordable weather station is this 3 in 1 weather station that includes wind speed. It has a monochrome display with lots of fun information.

A more popular 3 in 1 is this one with a color display. You get a choice of light or dark-themed displays. As you can see, the display is a big part of the price.

Best AcuRite Weather Station for Your Money

The next step up in the Acurite line-up is a 5 in 1 weather station. This is a full-featured weather station with all of the other weather station sensors plus wind direction and rain gauge.

I have a page that compares the best of AcuRite’s weather stations.

Inexpensive Weather Stations from Ambient Weather

First off is an indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity sensor with an easy-to-read monochrome display. Two additional sensors can be added to monitor particular areas. Amazon sells this model with three sensors included. See it here.

Going up a step there is this model that had indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, and also a barometer. This weather display has an interesting unusual feature in that its background changes color with the temperature.

A good-looking weather station with a forecasting feature is the ws-2891a with its color display. Additional sensors can be added to monitor areas of interest.

Ambient Weather does not have a 3 in 1 weather station available on Amazon, however, you might find this 5 in 1 wireless weather station to be very affordable.

Best Ambient Weather station for the money

The WS-2902 has been hugely popular with everyone from beginners to experts. If you like the weather station but would like to save some money, check out the same weather station here but without internet capability.

Inexpensive Weather Stations from La Crosse

The most inexpensive weather station from La Crosse is this wireless indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity offering. This weather station is white. If you prefer black, here’s the link for that color.

If you would like a larger easier to read display for your indoor/outdoor thermometer, check out this model. You can add two more remote sensors if you want.

For a forecasting model of an indoor/outdoor thermometer, take a look at this model with its bright color display.

For all the previous sensors plus wind speed, here is the La Crosse 3 in 1, This model has a monochrome indoor display which saves you money.

Add wind direction with a 4 in 1 weather station, take a look at this affordable weather station.

This weather station is the complete 5 in 1 weather station by La Crosse. It senses temp/humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and barometric pressure.

Best La Crosse weather station for the money

The most popular weather station that La Crosse offers is this color forecasting model.

Check out my article on the best home weather stations here!

Wrapping it up

As you can see, there are plenty of inexpensive weather stations available. While there are a lot of off-brand weather stations out there, in this article I just looked at the products from well-known companies with a track record of reliability. If you think one of the alternative brands is right for you, go for it. They are inexpensive after all! Don’t forget to check out the deals from Amazon, you just might find some treasure!

One more thing; before you install your new weather station, you should look at my page on weather station mounting and siting.

If you’re interested in the best weather stations with lightning detection

As Always, Have Fun!


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