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Best Weather Stations

The home weather station business is evolving and lots of new and interesting products are being released. Of course, some earlier products are classics and have not been outdone… Yet!

weather station on mars

There is an amazing weather station on Mars! If you are planning a trip there, you might check this out here first…
Actually, you CAN see fairly recent weather reports from Mars.

Review La Crosse C85845

Here is my pick for the Best Budget Weather Station. If you’re looking for basic but still want quality, check out this from weather station from La Crosse Technologies

Common weather station problems

Most home weather station problems are easily fixed. Most people have run into issues and have figured them out, so you don’t have to.

why rain makes you sleepy

It is not just you, rain really does make you sleepy. There are several reasons for this, and also ways to counter the sleepiness.

Teaching kids about weather using a weather station

Teach your kids about the weather with weather station tools that they can make themselves, (with a bit of your help!)

The weather station hobby is fun

Maybe you’re a weather geek, or maybe you have practical reasons for owning a weather station, either way, you’ll find out that the weather station hobby is fun.

best weather stations with lightning detectors

Having a lightning detector is very handy in many circumstances. A lot more happens in a thunderstorm than thunder and lightning.

Read Stratus rain gauge review the get a rain gauge

If you are interested in measuring precipitation with accuracy, take a look at the Stratus rain gauge.

Wired vs Wireless Weather Stations, how to choose

Do you need more information about choosing a wired vs wireless weather station? This article will give you everything you need to know in detail.

Ambient Weather WS-5000 Review

New home weather stations are moving away from mechanical parts and are going electronic solid state. The WS-5000, for example, features an ultrasonic anemometer!

How long do weather stations last?

There are many variables that can affect the longevity of your weather station. Here we’ll go into the common issues and what you can do about them.

How a weather station works

What are all of those sensors, and how do they do what they do? Find out here!

How air pressure affects the weather by causing clouds

One of the main factors affecting the weather is the difference in air pressure from one region to another. Weather forecasting is mostly about predicting the air pressure.

Where to place an outdoor thermometer

Here you can find everything you need to know about where to place an outdoor thermometer. If you do this wrong, you’ll get bad temperature readings.

Can you tan through clouds?

You may have found out the hard way that you can tan through clouds, actually, you can get quite sunburned!

If meteorologists don't study meteors, who does?

The answer to this question is surprisingly messy. Who knew?

hit the dew point in the valley as fog

When it comes to how the weather affects how you feel, it’s not just the temperature, the dew point is maybe more important!

Best weather stations for gardeners

Love gardening? A weather station can take you and your garden to a new level!

sunny day = high barometer reading

Have you ever admired that great-looking weather barometer on someone’s wall? Learn all about them here!

Best inexpensive weather stations

Find what you are looking for, or if you need some help finding an inexpensive weather station that is right for you, read on.

Shoud I buy a weather station?

Are you on the fence about buying a home weather station? Here you will find lots of benefits of having a weather station at home.

why are weather stations at airports?

Airport weather stations are a win for everyone. Aviation is safer, the National Weather Service has an ideal placement area for their equipment, and we get to see all the weather information for free!

are weather stations accurate?

Home weather stations can be selected with the accuracy you require. This article will help you choose the weather station that is right for you.

Weather Related Articles, Reviews, and Information 1

Is your weather station located in a remote location making it difficult for you to access the data? If you do not have WiFi but you do have cellular service, the Ecowitt WH6006E might be for you.

Weather Vane - Observing Wind Direction

This weather station set up includes the dual solar paneled 5 in 1 outdoor sensor along with a top of the line TFT color indoor display and a lightning detector. No internet connection is included, however, you can buy the Acurite Access later

How snow is measured as precipitation

This page gives you three ways of measuring snow. Go from as simple as using a thermometer and a ruler to using calibrated gauges and scales.

Weatherflow Smart Home Weather Station Review

Read about the most advanced home weather station yet. The WeatherFlow weather station has NO moving parts, but that’s not all that makes it interesting…

Cool clouds

Check out the latest and greatest home weather station by AcuRite.

How to compare Acurite weather sstations

Here is where you can find how to easily compare the 5-in-1 and higher models of Acurite home weather stations. The top 20 weather stations can be seen in four comparison charts.

The right weather station

Make your new weather station selection much easier by choosing the best models from the best brands

storm in the desert

Here you’ll find the best rain gauge/ thermometer models from Acurite, La Crosse, and Oregon Scientific.

Weather forecast station

If you are new to personal weather stations, all the choices may be confusing.

best weather station for weather underground

A common question is ” what is the best home weather station for Weather Underground?”. The better question maybe is “what is the best weather station for Weather Underground and me?”. Weather Underground is looking for some things and you are looking for some things too, but maybe not exactly the same things.

Barometric headache

Sometimes you know what the weather is going to be before you even open your eyes in the morning.You not only pay attention to every detail of your environment but you always do something about it. Every second of everyday for your whole life! Just as you can see what you look like with a mirror, a home weather station can reflect the conditions your body is adapting to.

Ambient Weather was born in the internet age and it shows.While many of the other home weather station manufacturers are retrofitting their weather equipment to connect to the internet, Ambient has been doing this from the beginning. So if you are bit of a nerd, and more specifically a weather nerd, you’ll really enjoy Ambient Weather products.

Weather Related Articles, Reviews, and Information 3

The Acurite 01036 5-in-1 Pro Weather Station is a “Best Seller”. Featuring the 5-in1 weather sensor which sends data to an indoor display equipped with PC Connect. PC Connect provides a way to save your outdoor weather measurements as a data file on your computer, or post the weather data online through your computer internet connection. A cable from the display connects to a USB port on your Windows or Mac equipped computer. If you want to, you can start uploading your weather info to or Weather Underground the data becomes available for you to see with the free myacurite app.

weather station mounting ideas

The roof of the house or garage is the most obvious and is the most common place most people install their weather sensors.
You can mount your weather station on the eave of the house. If your house has a gable roof this is an easy option.
On an existing fence. If you have a strong fence, mounting the weather station here could make sense.
Install the weather station on a stand alone pole or post. If you have enough room and you are free to put a post in the ground or a weather station stand anywhere you want, this is, as we’ll see later, often the best option.
If all of these options are open to you, consider yourself lucky! There are a few things to consider that might narrow your choices…

10 day forecast

Weather Underground (WU) has the largest weather station network in the world. Over 250,000 people send their weather data to them
All done automatically every few seconds by using the software that comes with Personal Weather Stations. (PWS)
By using your data and the data sent in by people around you, WU can get a very accurate view of how the weather works in your area.
With all of this information WU can get a pretty good idea of what weather you can expect in the future. Better than the NWS actually.

early weather station

A weather station is a collection of individual and specific instruments which, when looked at together will give you some idea of the local conditions. When many weather stations spread out over a wide area are looked at, and this weather station data is observed over time, patterns emerge and with that comes the ability to more accurately forecast the weather. While it would take a book to describe all of the names of instruments used to measure weather, but we can look at the weather instruments most commonly available in the home weather station retail market.

Davis 6250 Vantage Vue Review

Davis, a company known globally for high end precision weather instruments, has entered the mid-ranged consumer weather station market. The Davis Vantage Vue model 6250 is a all-in-one weather monitoring system, a form that most of popular weather station manufacturers have had so much market success with. Davis refers their all in one outdoor sensors as an “Integrated Sensor Suite”, or ISS for short. The Davis Vantage Vue has, of course, achieved “Best Seller” status among both hobbyists and professionals.

Davis weather station

The Vantage Pro2 is the first weather station in Davis’ advanced line of weather measuring instruments. This is the weather station class that gives Davis it’s great reputation. If you are researching weather stations to buy, do yourself a favor and at least look at the Davis weather station lineup.

WS-1401-IP OBSERVER Weather Station Review

The WS-1401 is an improved version of the earlier WS-1400. Improved sensor quality and updated power system make the WS-1401 worth a look, especially if you liked the older model or the similar WS-1002. If you do not need an indoor display, why pay for one?

weather forecast

A few years ago we would listen to the TV or radio for current weather information or forecasts.
Now we can get this information almost instantly with a weather app  on our computer or phone.

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