3 Best Wireless Rain Gauges with Thermometers: Extremely Popular!

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Rain storm in the desert
Find the best rain gauges with thermometers

 The easiest way to choose the best wireless rain gauge that includes an outdoor thermometer is to pick from the best-selling popular models.

Three companies have developed wireless rain gauge/ thermometer combinations that now dominate the market.

Following are quick reviews of the most popular rain gauge with thermometer products :

First is the Acurite 01089M, a top seller and would be my #1 choice.

Next is the La Crosse 724-1710 rain weather station. Customers are very happy with this model. #2 for me.

Oregon Scientific has the #3 spot.

Each of these rain sensors feature a tipping bucket rain gauge. Tipping bucket style rain gauges never need emptying, the rain water just drains out the bottom. Automatic rain gauges are the way to go!

Best Rain Gauges with Thermometers:

The Acurite model 01089M

This is the Acurite 01089M, a top seller and would be my #1 choice.

Acurite rain gauge with thermometer

My Pick for #2

La Crosse Technology model 724-1710

The 724-1710 is usually the lowest priced of the three and sells very well. This is a good model for you to see the rainfall and temperature with a quick look.

La Crosse Wireless rain gauge with thermometer

And for the #3 Spot:

Oregon Scientific model RGR126N

Oregon Scientific rounds out the list with their rain gauge thermometer combo. If you want the most basic unit possible, this is it. Displays only rain and outdoor temperature without any bells and whistles.

Oregon Scientific rain gauge and thermometer

Keeping it neat and tidy

If you are looking for a way to have a rain gauge with a thermometer connected to a single indoor display, rather than separate gauges sending their info to separate indoor displays, here ya go…

AcuRite 01089M Review

Acurite model 01089M

This, in my opinion, is the best of the three. The 01089M offers you far more features for your dollar than the others.

See if you agree…

This offering from Acurite appears to be the newest model. The 01089M is also the most feature rich.

There is a lot of useful information on the display!

 Features of the Acurite 01089M

  • Rainfall and inside & outside Temperature
  • Rainfall Calibration (if needed)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Humidity
  • Dew Point & Heat Index
  • Barometric Pressure & Trend
  • Keeps Data during Battery Changes
  • Accurate and Easy to Setup
  • Good customer Service

The Acurite 01089M digital display shows, along with the rainfall, also Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. You’ll also see whether the barometric pressure is steady, rising, or falling.

Also shown is the time and date. The time and date are set automatically.

Another useful feature is a simple air pressure sensor that shows you whether the barometric pressure is rising or falling.

This feature makes this model a simplified forecast station. Rising air pressure is associated with fair weather and falling pressure means potentially stormy weather ahead.

One of the best features is it doesn’t have the problem others have of losing all of the data every time you change batteries. If the batteries fail during a rain storm you’ll lose some data.

The rainfall sensor can be calibrated. Almost everybody is happy with the gauge way it comes, but if you must, instructions are included about how to pour a precise amount of water through the rain funnel and then adjust the sensor so it registers correctly. See more info on Amazon.

 Most people are very happy with the accuracy, the ease of setup, and the helpful customer service. The online Acurite knowledge base is also available for troubleshooting should you need it.

Are there any problems?

  This suffers from the same problems almost all rain gauges have; they can get clogged with leaves and other debris. Make your life easier, install the gauge where it’s easy to clean.

Another issue is the outdoor temperature/ humidity sensor is weather proof, NOT waterproof. Placing the sensor in the shade as the directions suggest should eliminate water issues.

The wireless range of the Acurite 01089M rain sensor is the shortest of the three at 100 feet. If you need to place your rain gauge further away than 100′ from the indoor display, you will have to go with one of the other two models. The thermometer range of the Acurite model is 330′.

La Crosse Technology 724-1710 Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Thermometer Review

La Crosse model 724-1710

My pick for #2 is the La Crosse 724-1710.

This has the highest ratings, according to Amazon. Of the three models, this is usually the lowest priced.

If the Acurite model is more than you want, the La Crosse would be a very good choice. Simpler is often better.

A high contrast digital display screen with the rainfall displayed prominently  makes this model very easy to read.

The best things about the La Crosse 724-1710

Rainfall is shown both numerically and graphically, making for easy reading at a glance.

Indoor and outdoor temperature are displayed but additionally, this mode features a temperature read-out on the outside temperature sensor, pretty nice if you already are outside.

Easy to set up and use according to most purchasers and they are happy with the accuracy.

The rainfall information is prominent on the display and can be read at a glance from a distance. You can also see the data on graphically. See more about this model.

The La Crosse 724-1710 has a transmission range for both of the outside sensors of 300 feet. 

The not so good

There have been comments about poor battery life in the indoor display. Maybe this is due to using low quality batteries.

The reason that battery life might be important is that you lose your data history when you change batteries.

I almost always install lithium batteries in everything and have been very happy with the long life.

Another potential issue could be the 99.99″ maximum rainfall total. That’s a lot of rain! I guess you could look at as a maximum of about 100 inches of rain between battery changes.

Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Remote Thermometer Review

Oregon Scientific model RGR126N

The Oregon Scientific wireless rain gauge with a thermometer is the oldest of the three models and so has the most overall sales and the most comments from buyers.

The best things about the Oregon Scientific Model RGR126N

Many people say that it is easy to set up and install.

The history function is easy to use. This is nice if you want to see what happened after you get home from work, for instance.

It is accurate, and easy to read.  The battery life is very good. See more about this model on Amazon.

This has the simplest digital display readout of the three showing rainfall and outdoor temperature only.

What is not good

Removing the batteries will erase your temperature and rainfall data. Actually, this is not a big issue as this model only saves 10 days of data. Only 10 days of history could be at risk...

The maximum range between the outside thermometer and the indoor display is 100 feet. The rain gauge itself has a 300′ range.

No indoor temperature displayed.

The Oregon Scientific rain measurements are accurate to 0.04 inches while the others measure down to 0.02 inches. It will miss very light rainfall.

There have been quite a few complaints concerning poor customer support. I’ve had this issue with them myself.

Well, there you have it…

…Which of these rain gauges with thermometers so you think is best for your needs?

The Acurite 01089M with all the extra weather information…

Maybe the Oregon Scientific RGR126N for the easy history access?

Or the La Crosse 724-1710 with it’s easy to read display…

The best things about a wireless rain gauge

–> Having your weather measurements sent wirelessly to a display inside can sure make life easier and way more fun.

–> You can sit inside, warm and dry, while watching the thermometer and see the rainfall numbers accumulate.

–> No more going out in the cold rain to read the numbers off of a rain collecting jar.

–> No worries about having to empty the rain water or having the water freeze and break the collector.

–> No more having to write things down before you forget what the rain measurement was.

Get a wireless rain gauge, unless you enjoy getting wet and dirty.
I’m Out to check the old fashion rain gauge…

Rain gauges with thermometers: comparison table

In order of my preference                           ——–>Acurite
La Crosse
Oregon Scientific
Display Size5.8″ High x 3.4″ Wide x 1.0″ Deep4.27” x 1.47” x 3.88”

5.59″ x 3.54″ x .98″

Rainfall0.01 inches and upUp to 99.99 inches
.01″ increments
Up to 999.99″
.04″ increments
TemperatureIndoor: -4F – 158F
Outdoor: -40F – 122F
Indoor: +14F – 140F
Outdoor: -40F – 140F
Outdoor only:  -22F to 140F
HumidityIndoor & Outdoor1% to 99% Relative HumidityNoNo
Yes, Rising or Falling
Pressure Indicator with Storm Alert
Time & DateYes, Time sets
YesTime & Day
AlarmRain Alert1 – Rain Alert
2 – Time Alarm w/ Snooze
High Daily Rainfall
HistoryPrevious Day, Last Hour, Week, Month, Year, and
Previous Year
Current, 1hr, 24hr, 7 Days, Last month & Total 365 Days MaxDaily, 9 Day, and Total
Graphic ViewYesYesNo
Rain Sensor Range100 feet300 feet300 feet
Thermometer Range330 feet300 feet100  feet
Other Indicators

1 – Low Battery for Rain Sensor and Display.

2 – Temperature Trend
3 – Pressure Trend
4 – Dew Point or Heat Index
5 – Wireless Signal Strength

1 – Low Battery on all three units
2 -Rain Sensor Wireless
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

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