How to Find Local Weather Stations Near You

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Find live weather stations near you on personal weather station networks

Are you looking to find local weather station reports? Here are lists and descriptions of resources that will enable you to find weather stations near you and also close to almost any location you can think of. –Well, on Earth anyway…

The quickest way to get a current local weather report is the NOAA FM radio report, listen online!

  • Weather Underground – The Big Kahuna of personal weather station networks.
  • Citizen Weather Observation Program – Submissions by serious PWS owners.
  • Awekas – Weather reports and maps from around the world.
  • Netatmo – Look for Netatmo weather stations near you
  • Bloomsky – This is fun, see Bloomsky live cams and weather.
  • Windy – You just might find a new weather station here like I did. This is a fun site to play with.
  • WeatherFlow – See the revolutionary WeatherFlow weather station map.

Other Weather Station  networks:

  • National Weather Service – Lots of information here.
  • Local Mesonet – see official weather stations
  • Local airports – This is where most of your local weather comes from.

Weather Underground: A Global Personal Weather Station Network

Weather Underground is a huge network of personal weather stations online. They claim 250,000 weather station submissions worldwide. This where I found that there was only one weather station near me! As you might imagine, it is very likely you’ll find a weather station near you.

Browse over to and find local weather stations by entering your zip code or city or state, or country. Planet?

Scroll down, and you’ll see a list of live weather stations close to your requested area. The stations are listed by the Weather Underground station identifications. If the names you see there don’t make sense to you, head back up the page and click on the Wundermap tab on the right-hand side of the page.

The Wundermap is a navigable map of home weather stations with some cool overlays like radar for precipitation and a satellite view for cloud cover. See the map over time by using the controls at the bottom. is an extensive website, so you might want to spend some time poking around.

CWOP: High-Quality Weather Station Network

Citizen Weather Observation Program, otherwise known as CWOP, is a personal weather station network that focuses more on quality weather data and less on being popular. There are more than 7000 contributing weather stations in North America, so you have a good chance of having one close to home.

To access this data go to and replace the NV with your state identifier. 

And then find a weather station near you and…

…Choose from a list of weather station identifiers and city to find the nearest weather station. Click on the city, and the info on that station pops up. To see the weather station reports around that city, copy and paste the id from the “call” column after the “=” here:

Here is another interesting place to find CWOP weather stations near you: If your browser has geolocation enabled, this website will open in a map in your general location. (Geolocation is usually enabled by default.) Look for the “WX” symbols for the weather station locations. Clicking on the symbol will bring up that station’s weather report.

To see all of the CWOP weather stations on a world map, go to    Zoom in and navigate to your location.

CWOP shares the weather data with many public and private agencies, organizations, and groups.

AWEKAS: A World-Wide Personal Weather Station Network

AWEKAS is another global personal weather station network. They have an attractive way of displaying weather station information by using colorful graphs and dials. Check Awekas out at Enter your country and city in the search box in the upper left corner and explore away.

Netatmo Weathermap: Find Netatmo Urban Weather Stations Near You

Netatmo is another weather station company that allows public access to their weather station network. Look at the map here:    This is a new weather station design, so they are not everywhere–yet.

Bloomsky: “See” the Weather with Bloomsky Live Cams

Bloomsky is still yet another freely accessible network of private Bloomsky weather station owners. What makes the Bloomsky network so cool is you can see the pictures from the built-in camera in the Bloomsky stations. Check this network out here: Maybe you’ll find a new local weather station here is new to me, and I’m finding it fascinating. I found a weather station near me, at a small airport, that is listed nowhere else that I know of. You have to see this site. Windy has lots of weather stations, webcams, and more weather map overlays than almost anyone. Check it out here at

See the WeatherFlow weather stations near you

WeatherFlow is a new weather station with a big following. Since the weather station is so new, I am surprised that there are so many of them around. Check out the WeatherFlow map here. You can see my WeatherFlow weather station review on this page. Their main feature is the weather station has no moving parts.

Other weather station networks:

Mesonets: For Serious Weather Buffs

Local Mesonets or mesoscale networks are set up to look at the weather at a larger scale than the common backyard weather station can provide. The aggregate of Individual weather stations is looked together to show weather patterns that a single weather station would detect.

Mesonets are used by researchers, public safety organizations, and forecasters.

You can look at this network too, at this site:   Change to the location of interest with the drop-down box in the upper left. Play around with the different types of networks and overlays with the other drop-down options.

Airport Weather Stations: Where your Weather Reports Come From

Airport weather stations are often used for TV weather reports. Take a look at an airport weather station near you here:   Click on your state and then the airport id. You’ll see the weather data in METAR format. At the top of the data is a box labeled ‘decode’ – check it to see the weather report in the usual way.

If you are setting up your own home weather station, the reported elevation and barometric pressure readings at the local airport are a good place to start from for your initial calibrations.

National Weather Service: Your Source of Weather Radar, Satellite, Forecasts, and More

And, of course, we have the National Weather Service. Lots of information here. You may have noticed that the NWS station map was selectable on the mesonet maps. NWS stations are often at airports. Start here and navigate to your area:

Here is another nice weather station map from the NWS:,false&obs_popup=true

Do You Own a Home Weather Station?

Do you need a reason why to buy a weather station? Read my page here.

If so, you would have the nearest weather station. You may be on a network I haven’t mentioned, like MyAcurite by Acurite or Ambient Weather’s These and other networks require sign-ups or purchases, so I left them out of the list of weather station networks.

If you are interested in having a home weather station of your own, you should check out this page and save yourself a lot of time choosing one.

If you are looking at Acurite weather stations, I’ve put up a comparison page.

Once you receive your new weather station, click over to this article on how to install it properly.

Are weather stations accurate?

Sure are a lot of airport weather stations!

Have fun talking about the weather!

Next time someone wants to “talk about the weather,” you’ll certainly have the upper hand ;) Be sure to dive into these weather station network sites, and you’ll find way more information on them than I mentioned or I even know about!

Have Fun and thanks for reading,


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